Alchemy – lista kombinacji po angielsku: aktualizacja


Alchemy – combinations list in English: update

New version of Alchemy game (numbered 2.0.5) contains some changed icons, two elements which have been „activated” (R2-D2 and planet), i.e. they are no longer terminal elements (marked with *) and they can be combined with other elements. Most importantly though, 10 new elements have been added, along with some new combinations for making already created items.

Below you can find the list of new elements in the game. The full, updated list can be found here (English version) and here (Polish version). The Polish list of new items is here.

#   Element   Wynik   Wynik
1   aquarium   glass + fish  
2   C-3PO   robot + R2-D2  
3   copper   silver + gold  
4   iPhone   phone + fruit  
5   phone   wire + sound  
6   pie   fruit + dough  
7   rain   water + cloud  
8   thread   yarn + spinning wheel  
9   Venus   sex + planet   woman + planet
10   wire   copper + thread  
Snow is coming (in the next update)?
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